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Successful marketing is always simple.
It is based on sound work in terms of production and services and, above all, on truth.

– Michael J. Pabst

We create what you think!


Corporate Identity (CI) is the image of a company made up of different visual and verbal elements. These include, for example, the company logo, colors, fonts, slogan, visual language and tone.

A successful corporate identity must distinguish the company from others, create a strong brand identity and win the interest and trust of customers.


Together, from A to Z!


Together with our customers, we develop designs and advertising media that meet their individual requirements and wishes. We begin the process with a detailed discussion in which we clarify all relevant aspects, such as the scope of the project, the target audience, the style and aesthetic of the graphics, and the timing of the project.

Then we start designing the graphics and create the first drawings that we present to the customer. Here, he can provide his comments and wishes for adaptation, which we implement and incorporate into other projects.

Once the client is satisfied with the result, we implement the final version of the graph and deliver it in the desired formats and resolutions. After implementation, we remain at your disposal for any revisions and modifications, to ensure that the product continues to meet your expectations.

In cooperation with local partners in the fields of printing, labelling and display, we provide tailor-made global solutions.



Logo creation
Visual Identities

Display advertising

Expo Design

Commercial printings

Business cards
Headers & Envelopes


Interactive forms

Advertising printings

Brochures & Books
Flyers & Leaflets

Special formats

Menus & Price Lists
Invitations & Posters
Thank you- & Condolence cards

The benefits of corporate identity

  • Recognition – easir to recognize
  • Trust – radiates seriousness and creates the company from other competitors
  • Differentiation – differentiating the company from other competitors
  • Identification – strengthens employee attachment and increases sens of belonging
  • Benefits of Branding – bprovides guidelines for branding, improves brand image and promotes brand awarenes
  • Repetition – unifies the marketing and communication strategy and strengthens it through repetition.
  • Savings – saves costs, as it may be enough to need a single marketing strategy for diffrent campaigns

Ultimately, a corporate idntity provides a clear orintaation and structure for the whole company, which leads to a clear external perception and can contribute to success.

The one who stops advertising to save money,
can also stop his watch to save time.

– Henry Ford